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Ariadne Mikou


International Screenings

Image Copyright Ingi Jensson           [WECreate Ice, Baer A. & Salzer H. 2016]


[SET.mefree] Dance & Movement on the Screen is a nomadic micro-festival that takes place in different cities and it is curated by the cultural association VeNe (IT) and the international collective futuremellon (IT/GR/UK). Together they curate a series of events that approach the medium of the screen as a means of artistic promotion for choreographically conceived works. Choreography is considered both in specific terms related to what is conventionally understood as dance produced by a moving body and, also, as a broad term that accepts choreography as an organisation of motion disassociated from the human body. Furthermore, the screen is approached as an object that protects, obscures, or conceals, an apparatus used to separate space and a surface on which images are projected or displayed. Keeping in mind the slippery definitions of dance, choreography, screen and their expanding and transgressed borders, VeNe and futuremellon/not yet art are interested in the multiple manifestations of the hybrid audio-visual and spatiotemporal form of screendance.  


VeNe and futuremellon/not yet art curate events (symposiums, screenings, educational activities) that aim to introduce emergent and established screendance artists while respecting the histories and futures of screendance locally and internationally. [SET.mefree] Dance and Movement on the Screen seeks to reinforce collaboration and artistic exchanges and to bridge theory with practice by building and expanding a network consisted of artists, researchers, curators, scholars and a curious audience. Aspiring to bring social awareness, they welcome works that take advantage of the transportability of the screen and the body in sites of conflict or areas that need attention.




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